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New Owner/Resident Information and forms


If you haven't, please fill out this form and return it to the office to be on file.  Click on the form below.

WELCOME PACKET: The Westminster Welcome Packet is being revised and will return to the site shortly.


FINANCIAL ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT:  Caliber provides access to parcel ledgers and account management for the payment of quarterly assessments. 

Caliber Financial and Management Program


Westminster Community Association uses the Caliber software for maintaining financial and management information.


We encourage our owners to set-up their Caliber account for quick and easy review of their HOA financials and contact information - CLICK HERE.

Please check the web-portal to ensure email, mailing address and phone numbers are updated to avoid interuptions of  mailings and important communication from the Association.  Caliber allows toggling seasonal addresses, in addition to permanent address changes.






Trash and Recycle Pickup are Weekly is Mondaymornings. To maintain our streets in an uncluttered condition, please do not place your trash and recycle containers at the curb before 4:00 pm on Sunday and bring them in your garage, as quickly as possible after pickup on Monday.   Trash bins must be stored within the confines of a garage and not permitted to be stored on the outside perimeter of a home. 

Trash Bin Staging at the curb:  To make it possible for the recycling truck’s automated system to pick up your recycling container, please place the container at the curb with the wheels and handle facing your house (there is a directional arrow on the lid indicating direction to face the bin). In addition, please leave a minimum of three feet between the recycling container and any other containers and/or material that you put out for regular trash and recycle collection.


Trash Bin Lid/Loose Trash:  Lee County requires that both trash and recycling containers have lids. This requirement is to prevent overnight rummaging by animals. For that same reason, if you have any lose plastic bags that, for some reason, do not fit into your waste container, please do not place them curbside until the morning of pickup.


 Horticulture Waste Pickup is Weekly, normally Monday orTuesday mornings. As is the case with trash and recycling containers, landscape trimmings/cuttings should not be placed at the curb before 4:00 pm on the day before pickup. Yard waste must be placed in a container (50 lbs. or less), or securely tied into bundles not heavier than 50 pounds and no longer than 6 feet in length.   Horticulture waste put to the curb without following these guidelines will result in being left at the curb and flagged for correction.  This means the waste will need to be pulled from the curb till the following week.  


Bulk Items can be placed at the curb next to your regular garbage. If the item does not fit in the regular collection truck, your hauler will notify the home office, and a separate collection truck will come out within three business days. Items include, appliances, couches, sectionals, hot tubs, mattresses, etc. If you have a question about a particular item, please call Lee County Waste Pickup at 239-533-8000Bulk pickups may require repeated calls to Lee County Waste till successful pickup.


For additional information, including FAQ’S and the Holiday Schedule, please contact Lee County.


Phone: 239-533-8000