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ARC Meeting Dates

The ARC meets the 1st Wednesday of the month in the Community Center beginning at 9:00 AM 

Guidelines for filling out the Architectural Request Form

The Architectural Request Forms (below) are designed to assist in communicating your home and/or landscaping redesign ideas to the appropriate Westminster approval committee. Please be as explicit as possible regarding your desired plans when completing the form. While the space allowed for a description is small, additional documentation is welcomed in order to assist the committee with their decision. If at any point you are unclear as to how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact someone on the committee for assistance (members names listed below all reside in Westminster).

Please include proposed landscaping plans showing placement of all plantings and ground cover (i.e.: mulch, stone, etc.). Lanai extension details, sub-contractor proposals (exclusive of pricing), paint color chips, plans from pool builders and cage manufacturers are also helpful. In essence, providing any information with your request that you feel will clearly explain what you are hoping to achieve will be appreciated.

Once you have completed the information request form please make a duplicate copy and forward everything to:

  • EITHER the president or chairperson of your “neighborhood association” (if applicable). You must acquire their permission first before approaching the ARC with your request. Once approved or denied by the neighborhood association – the forms will be passed along by that association to us with any pertinent commentary OR to the Westminster Office (2001 Oxford Ridge Circle /  

The Westminster Community ARC meets once a month to discuss all architectural requests that are submitted by the community. However, we are in constant email contact and can arrange a meeting sooner if required.

Once the committee has reviewed your request you will be informed of their decision, usually by telephone, followed by a formal letter of acceptance or denial from the Property Manager.

INTERESTED IN SERVING ON THE ARC COMMITTEE?:  It's easy, just email to the office:  In the email place "ARC Committee" in the subject line.  In the body of the email, put your name, address and phone number, with a short summary of why you would like to join.  


NOTE:  Interim requests for the ARC are being received currently by the office.  Please email the Westminster Office at


ARC has booklets with approved color swatches available for loan to residents who are interested in repainting the exterior of their home. You can contact Polly Vitagliano at 239.491.2767. or via email at  to pick up a copy of the booklet.



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Above forms are effective 1/1/22 and previous forms are invalid.




Random Rules & Regs Reminder:
5.18 Pets and Animals. Not more then two (2) commonly accepted household pets such as a dog or cat, and reasonable numbers of tropical fish or caged birds may be kept in a Living Unit. All animals shall be leashed (if outdoors), or kept within the Living Unit and shall not be permitted to roam free. Owners must clean up after their pets. Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans and Chows are not permitted.