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For Westminster Community Association issues:

Please contact Property Manager Paul Braid

Office Phone: 239.491.2767 Mobile Phone: 239-219-2104


Westminster Community Association, Inc.
Board of Directors


President          Betsy Rosser       

V.President        Janey Kenedy            

Secretary           Tim Baranek            

Treasurer           Bill Cossart            


Director              Jack McManus      

Director              Steve McKinnon   

Director              Rick Bidwell          


For Financial & Payment information:

Please contact Meyers, Brettholtz and Company PA

239.939.5775 or 800.749.8270


Board Member Committee Chairs:

Common Grounds – Janey Kennedy
Community Center –Tim Baranek
Finance – Bill Cossart
Ground Water (Irrigation) - Rick Bidwell
Ground Water (Lakes) – Rick Bidwell
Compliance – Steve McKinnon
Access –  Betsy Rosser
ARC -  Barbara Waldman



Golf Course – Steve McKinnon
Legal –  Betsy Rosser



****Lift Station Emergency Number 239.368.1615****