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Westminster Community Association

Board Meeting Schedule

Monthly Meetings Start at 7:00 PM

Annual Meeting Starts at 4:30PM





April 18th

May 16th

June 20th

July 18th

Aug 15th

Sept 19th changed to Sept 26th

Oct 17th

Nov 21st

Dec 19th

Jan 16th

Feb 20th

Mar 27th Annual Member Meeting at 6:00 PM

Apr 17th

May 15th

Jun 19th

July 17th

Aug 21st

Sep 18th

Oct 16th

Nov 20th

Dec 18th

Jan 15th

Feb 19th

Mar 26th Annual Meeting at 4:30 PM

Apri 16th

May 21st

Jun 18th

July 16th

Aug 20th Cancelled

Sept 17th

Oct 15th

Nov 19th

Dec 17th

Jan 21st

Feb 18th

April 21st Ajourned

May 19th

June 16th

July 21st

Aug 18th

Sep 22nd

Oct 20th

Nov 17th

Dec 15th

Jan 19th

Feb 16th

Feb 23rd (Special)

Mar 2 (Executive Session)

Mar 30th

Apr 20 th

May 18 th

Jun 15 th

Jun 29th (Special)

July 20th

Sept 21 st

Oct 19th

Nov 16th

Dec 21 st


Jan 18 th

Feb 15 th

March 29th

Apr 19th

May 17th

Jun 21 st

July 19th

Aug 16th

Sep 20th

Oct 18th

Nov 15th

Dec 20th


Jan 17th

Feb 21st

Mar 21st 

Apr 18th

May 16th

June 20th 

July 18th

Aug 15th

Sep 19th

Oct 17th

Nov 21st 

Dec 19th